MalwareTech vm1 challenge

write up for vm1 challenge

What is this about? This is an unoficial write up of the vm1 challenge, it is part of the malware reversing challenges by MalwareTech, the list of challenges can be found here Solving vm1 challenge: Note: Dynamic execution isn’t allowed for this challenge. We will have to build our own vm interepreter. let’s go ahead and download and decompress it, we should get vm1.exe which is the main executable: [Read More]

BSidesSF 2019 CTF

write up runit and runitplusplus

What is this about? This is a binary exploitation and reversing challenge for both runit and runitplusplus, this blog post is an unofficial write up of these two challenges. Solving first challenge: runit let’s start with runit: shasum -a 256: 14609b8165079a24f83c93128659cd08108eddfd48a3b8a9f43e10e225253c11 Can be downloaded in our github here. This flag solution can be downloaded from here. The flag server is: Opening this runit challenge in IDA pro, reveals the following disassembly: [Read More]